Pay for value, not volume.

The norm in brand consulting is to woo clients with a dazzling methodology—packaged with research jargon and media buzzwords. The typical brand development process requires huge sums and months to achieve—but the result? Often just mediocrity.

For trudging through the process and laying out the money, clients often receive a strategy based on obviousness dressed up as insight. The design work—a visual system that looks great when animated—is serviceable, but who can really say? Creative work is often judged by subjective aesthetics. It should be driven by strategy and corporate culture to generate an authentic brand voice.

Recently, a large global organization commissioned a branding team to name a new healthcare service. The naming process was run by a slick, talented consultant. There were lectures on the art of naming, anecdotes to validate the process, and round after round of naming. After many weeks and endless rounds of voting, the clients decided to name their new health service “(The company’s name) Health.” That was it. Some process. Sadly, that’s the norm. Voluminous gas. Paltry value.

Our approach is simple, collaborative, proven.

We deliver immediate insights from our research. We discover the underlying worth—a basic truth about each client’s people and place in the value chain.

We then develop a creative brand strategy to serve as cornerstone of the new identity. After strategy comes complete brand engagement: Messages. Tagline. Logo. Visuals. Video. Website. Social media. Campaign themes. Ad concepts. Employee workshops. Product ideas. Branded programs. All reflect and reinforce our core strategy.

It’s electrifying and rewarding. It enhances brand value which leads to awareness and growth—as follow-up research can confirm.

Disciplined. Creative. That’s how we get it done.